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Reorganized PSAFilterGridSearch::AlgoSpecificInitialise to make it more readable

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......@@ -107,6 +107,9 @@ private:
void SegmentMapMake (int neighbours); // based on Manhattan distance
void SegmentMapTest (); // exclude elements related to broken segments
int PreampResponse (bool exponential); // response of preamplifier
int XtalkCorrection(); // apply x-talk to signal basis
int PrepareMetric (); // initialize metric-related stuff
void PrepareEvent (PsaSlot *pSlot, pointFull &PF, bool reset, bool traces);
void SetToSegCenter (PsaSlot *pSlot, pointFull &PF);
void ShiftMoveTrace (float *data, int nsamp, float delta, float *accu);
......@@ -122,8 +125,12 @@ private:
void MakeLocalMask (pointFull &PF);
float CalcChi2Residue(pointFull &PF);
float CalcChi2GridPts(int segNum, int pdNum, pointFull &PF);
bool WriteBaseAverPt(float scale, std::string ext);
bool WriteBasePoint (pointPsa &pt, float scale, FILE *FP);
bool WriteBasisVoxels();
bool WriteBasisFull (std::string ext);
bool WriteBasisSegm (int theSegment);
bool WriteBasisSegSum();
bool WriteBasisAverPt(float scale, std::string ext);
bool WriteBasisPoint (pointPsa &pt, float scale, FILE *FP);
bool IsItWorthwhile(pointFull &PF) {return true;} // just to start
int TryToFit(pointFull &PF);
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