Commit c854cf2b authored by Jérémie Dudouet's avatar Jérémie Dudouet
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Merge branch 'BuilderTSCorrectBug' into 'preprod'

Builder ts correct bug

See merge request dudouet/narval_emulator!1
parents 13702c46 ea85e0b8
......@@ -765,7 +765,7 @@ UInt_t EventBuilder::GetParameters(const std::string& confFile, Bool_t doList)
if(conf.Seen("TstampCorrect")) {
int which = conf.Find("TimestampCorrect");
int which = conf.Find("TstampCorrect");
int times = conf.Times(which);
for(int nn = 0; nn < times; nn++) {
conf.Restore(which, nn);
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