Commit d7165edf authored by Jérémie Dudouet's avatar Jérémie Dudouet
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Merge branch 'TreeBuilder' into 'preprod'

Correction of the libAGAPRO_TreeBuilder library generation

See merge request IPNL_GAMMA/narval_emulator!29
parents d30e8b8e 9eeda7f4
#include "AGAPRO_TreeBuilder.h"
#ifdef HAS_MFM
#include "AGAPRO_TB_AgNedDiam.h"
using namespace AGAPRO;
extern "C" {
TreeBuilder *process_register (UInt_t *error_code)
if( (TreeBuilder::gActualClass.size() == 0) || (TreeBuilder::gActualClass == "basic") ) {
return new TreeBuilder();
#ifdef HAS_MFM
else if(TreeBuilder::gActualClass == "TB_AgNedDiam") {
return new TB_AgNedDiam();
std::cout << "\nERROR : TreeBuilder::gActualClass " << TreeBuilder::gActualClass << " not recognised\n";
return NULL;
void process_config (const char *directory_path, UInt_t *error_code)
TreeBuilder::process_config (directory_path, error_code);
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