Commit 295cafdc authored by GRASLAND Hadrien's avatar GRASLAND Hadrien
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Remove system-specific reference

parent fa5a3ab9
export REPEAT=20
export PROG="a.out"
export FILE="gemm"
......@@ -27,7 +26,7 @@ for size in $(seq 3 8); do
echo >> ${FILE}_eigen.res
echo -e "\t Custom"
g++ gemm_custom.cpp -I ${BOOST_SIMD_ROOT} -DSIZE=$size -O3 -march=native
g++ gemm_custom.cpp -DSIZE=$size -O3 -march=native
for i in $(seq 1 ${REPEAT}); do
${TIME} -f "%U, " ./a.out 2> >(tr -d '\n' | tee -a ${FILE}_custom.res) && echo
......@@ -3,13 +3,12 @@ export REPEAT=10
export PROG="a.out"
export FILE="scal.txt"
export TIME=/usr/bin/time
export BOOST_SIMD_ROOT=/home/ping/These/boost.simd/include
rm -f custom_${FILE}
rm -f eigen_${FILE}
for size in $(seq 3 8); do
g++ matrix_product_custom.cpp -I ${BOOST_SIMD_ROOT} -DSIZE=$size -O3 -march=native
g++ matrix_product_custom.cpp -DSIZE=$size -O3 -march=native
for i in $(seq 1 ${REPEAT}); do
/usr/bin/time -f "%U, " ./a.out 2> >(tr -d '\n' | tee -a custom_${FILE}) && echo
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