Commit 82132eb6 authored by Lucas Serrano's avatar Lucas Serrano
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Add vector add and sub

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......@@ -336,6 +336,11 @@ class Vector: public BaseMatrix<T, 1, NumberCols, MaximumVectorSize> {
using BaseMatrix<T, 1, NumberCols, MaximumVectorSize>::BaseMatrix;
using BaseMatrix<T, 1, NumberCols, MaximumVectorSize>::operator=;
using vector_t = Vector<T, NumberCols, MaximumVectorSize>;
template <typename U, int l, int m, int MVS> friend void matrix_mul_m_v(BaseMatrix<U, l, m, MVS> &a, Vector<U, m, MVS> &b, Vector<U, l, MVS> &c);
friend void matrix_add<vector_t>(vector_t &a, vector_t &b, vector_t &c);
friend void matrix_sub<vector_t>(vector_t &a, vector_t &b, vector_t &c);
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