Commit aec498bb authored by Sébastien Gardoll's avatar Sébastien Gardoll
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add multiprocessing test

parent 18aa56a3
import numpy as np
import multiprocessing as mp
import ctypes
import sys
from multiprocessing import Pool
import time
start = time.time()
is_debug = False
has_to_save = bool(sys.argv[3])
num_images = int(sys.argv[1])
num_channel = 8
x_pixel_size = 32
y_pixel_size = 32
num_processes = int(sys.argv[2])
image_range = range(0, num_images)
channel_range = range(0, num_channel)
y_pixel_range = range(0, y_pixel_size)
x_pixel_range = range(0, x_pixel_size)
glob = 10
# Static allocation of the tensor
shared_tensor = mp.RawArray(ctypes.ARRAY(ctypes.ARRAY(ctypes.ARRAY(ctypes.c_double, x_pixel_size), y_pixel_size), num_channel), num_images)
def fill_tensor(image_index):
for channel_index in channel_range:
for y_pixel_index in y_pixel_range:
for x_pixel_index in x_pixel_range:
shared_tensor[image_index][channel_index][y_pixel_index][x_pixel_index] = image_index + glob
return None
if num_processes == 1:
for image_index in image_range:
with Pool(processes = num_processes) as pool:, image_range)
stop = time.time()
print("spend %f seconds filling the tensor"%((stop-start)))
start = stop
if has_to_save:
numpy_wrapping = np.ctypeslib.as_array(shared_tensor)"/home/sgardoll/tmp/test", arr=numpy_wrapping, allow_pickle=True)
stop = time.time()
print("spend %f seconds saving the tensor on disk"%((stop-start)))
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