Commit f149bc81 authored by Guillaume's avatar Guillaume
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Update .sh

parent 0337db9f
...@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@ ...@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@
#PBS -j oe #PBS -j oe
#PBS -k oe #PBS -k oe
${HOME}/.conda/envs/python3/bin/python -p CMIP5 -c 16 ${HOME}/.conda/envs/python3/bin/python ${HOME}/catalog/ -p CMIP5 -c 16
${HOME}/.conda/envs/python3/bin/python -p CORDEX -c 16 ${HOME}/.conda/envs/python3/bin/python ${HOME}/catalog/ -p CORDEX -c 16
${HOME}/.conda/envs/python3/bin/python -p CMIP6 -c 16 ${HOME}/.conda/envs/python3/bin/python ${HOME}/catalog/ -p CMIP6 -c 16
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