Commit 61738d81 authored by Thomas Dubos's avatar Thomas Dubos
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DYNAMICO output on one-degree lon-lat grid

parent f2aaf7ea
......@@ -51,17 +51,11 @@
<file id="dynamico" convention="CF" enabled="true" output_freq="1h" sync_freq="1h" output_level="10" timeseries="none" description="nudging" >
<field_group group_ref="H&S_scalar"/>
<field_group group_ref="H&S" domain_ref="regular_two_degree" />
<field_group group_ref="H&S_tracer" grid_ref="grid_q_regular_two_degree" />
<field_group group_ref="H&S" domain_ref="regular_one_degree" />
<field_group group_ref="H&S_tracer" grid_ref="grid_q_regular_one_degree" />
<variable name="model" type="string" > dynamico </variable>
<variable name="test_case" type="string" > held & Suarez </variable>
<variable name="horizontal_resolution" type="string" > 2 degree native (grid points : 40x40x39) </variable>
<variable name="levels" type="string" > L39 </variable>
<variable name="grid" type="string" > hex </variable>
<variable name="equation" type="string" > hydro </variable>
<variable name="time_frequency" type="string" > 1day </variable>
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