Commit 8882b49b authored by POLCHER Jan's avatar POLCHER Jan 🚴🏾
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Condition was too strict for Fekete & Vorosmarty. So it is a warning now.

parent 9f401a70
......@@ -216,7 +216,6 @@ CONTAINS
IF ( topoindex(ib, ip) < 0 .OR. topoindex(ib, ip) > 10000 ) THEN
WRITE(numout,*) "There is an issue with Topoindex : ", topoindex(ib, ip), min_topoind
WRITE(numout,*) "Check other variables : ", trip(ib, ip), basins(ib, ip), sub_area(ib, ip)
trip_bx(iloc, jloc) = NINT(trip(ib, ip))
basin_bx(iloc, jloc) = NINT(basins(ib, ip))
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