Commit dce5b1b2 authored by Anthony's avatar Anthony
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Correction in topoindex_stream

parent 814d9f7c
......@@ -2062,16 +2062,13 @@ SUBROUTINE routing_reg_divbas_divide(nb_htu, nbv,nbi,nbj, ijdimmax, tbname, tsz,
IF (cnt .GT. 1) THEN
dorog = MAXVAL(main_orog(:cnt)) - MINVAL(main_orog(:cnt))
dorog = MAX(0.1, dorog)
distance = SUM(main_len(:cnt))
! if the main river has only one pixel we use directly rdz
dorog = MAX(0.1, rdz(il,jl))
distance = main_len(1)
! For the distance : sum rlen along the main river
DO l = 1,cnt
distance = SUM(main_len(:cnt))
topoindex_stream = SQRT(distance **3 / dorog)
END SUBROUTINE mainstream_topoindex
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