Commit a1a32740 authored by WIENER Valentin's avatar WIENER Valentin
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Delete grid_stations.jnl

parent 889cf322
use "/gpfsscratch/rech/lmd/ubn35bk/TEST_PROD_v20211013/NPv6.1971392/"
let truc = psol * u500 / 1000. - tsol_lic
set win 1
sha/pal="modulo"/ti="Arbitrary variable near DDU" truc[x=138.5:140.5, y=-66:-68, l=7]
plot/over/vs/symbol=2/color=8/ti="DDU"/size=0.25 140.0014,-66.6628
plot/over/vs/symbol=2/color=8/ti="D17"/size=0.25 139.72,-66.72
plot/over/vs/symbol=2/color=8/ti="D47"/size=0.25 138.72,-67.38
go land_detail 7
set win 2
sha/pal="modulo"/ti="Arbitrary variable near D85" truc[x=132.5:136,y=-69:-72,l=7]
plot/over/vs/symbol=2/color=8/ti="D85"/size=0.25 134.25,-70.7
go land_detail 7
set win 3
sha/pal="modulo"/ti="Arbitrary variable near DC" truc[x=120:126,y=-70:-80, l=7]
plot/over/vs/symbol=2/color=8/ti="DC"/size=0.25 123.33,-75.1
go land_detail 7
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