Commit e0827fa4 authored by WIENER Valentin's avatar WIENER Valentin
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Delete file_def_histmthNMC_lmdz.xml

parent e19bea17
<file_group id="defile">
<file id="histmthNMC" name="histmthNMC" output_freq="1mo" output_level="_AUTO_" type="one_file" enabled=".FALSE." compression_level="2">
<field_group group_ref="remap_1mo">
<!-- VARS 3D -->
<field_group operation="average" grid_ref="grid_out_plev" freq_op="1ts" detect_missing_value=".true.">
<!-- <field field_ref="tnondef" level="5" /> -->
<field field_ref="ta" level="1" />
<field field_ref="zg" level="5" />
<field field_ref="hus" level="5" />
<field field_ref="hur" level="5" />
<field field_ref="ua" level="5" />
<field field_ref="va" level="5" />
<field field_ref="wap" level="5" />
<!-- <field field_ref="psbg" level="5" /> -->
<field field_ref="tro3" level="5" />
<field field_ref="tro3_daylight" level="5" />
<field field_ref="uv" level="6" />
<!-- <field field_ref="vq" level="6" /> -->
<field field_ref="vT" level="6" />
<field field_ref="wq" level="6" />
<field field_ref="vphi" level="6" />
<field field_ref="wT" level="6" />
<field field_ref="u2" level="6" />
<field field_ref="v2" level="6" />
<field field_ref="T2" level="6" />
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