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Fixing dcmip41 CI job by disabling ERA5 related file definitions by default

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......@@ -154,6 +154,9 @@ CONTAINS
! activate nudging in XIOS workflow
IF (is_omp_master) CALL xios_set_filegroup_attr("nudging_files",enabled=.TRUE.)
! activate the file descriptions here, otherwise, the enabled files are required by XIOS even if the filegroup is disabled
IF (is_omp_master) CALL xios_set_file_attr("nudging_in",enabled=.TRUE.)
IF (is_omp_master) CALL xios_set_file_attr("nudging_in0",enabled=.TRUE.)
IF (is_omp_master) CALL xios_set_fieldgroup_attr("nudging_fields",read_access=.TRUE.)
IF (is_omp_master) CALL xios_set_fieldgroup_attr("nudging_fields0",read_access=.TRUE.)
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
<file id="nudging_in" name="ERA5" enabled="true" output_freq="1h" mode="read" record_offset="1" time_counter_name="time">
<file id="nudging_in" name="ERA5" enabled="false" output_freq="1h" mode="read" record_offset="1" time_counter_name="time">
<field_group operation="instant" freq_offset="1ts" >
<field id="ps_nudged_read" name="sp" domain_ref="domain_nudged" />
<field id="ulon_nudged_read" name="u" domain_ref="domain_nudged" axis_ref="axis_nudged" />
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
<file id="nudging_in0" name="ERA5" enabled="true" output_freq="1000y" mode="read" record_offset="0" time_counter_name="time">
<file id="nudging_in0" name="ERA5" enabled="false" output_freq="1000y" mode="read" record_offset="0" time_counter_name="time">
<field_group operation="once" freq_offset="1ts" >
<field id="ps_nudged_read0" name="sp" domain_ref="domain_nudged" />
<field id="ulon_nudged_read0" name="u" domain_ref="domain_nudged" axis_ref="axis_nudged" />
  • Patryk Kiepas
    @patryk.kiepas started a thread
    • @thomas.dubos @yann.meurdesoif In the XIOS, should an enabled file (enabled="true") defined in a disabled file group (enabled="false") still be required by the XIOS? This is the case when running e.g. DCMPI41 test (no nudging) with the new XML XIOS definitions which include now the nudging-related definitions (inherited from the LAM branch). Hence, I made the above quick solution (all nudging-related files are now disabled in the XIOS XML files by default, and turn on programmatically only when the nudging is on).

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