Commit d53024cb authored by Thomas Dubos's avatar Thomas Dubos
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Make converged tree compatible with modipsl

parent 9004f6f8
ln -s trunk2master/bin trunk2master/inc trunk2master/lib trunk2master/tools .
cd trunk2master
./make_icosa $*
......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
%PROD_FFLAGS -g -traceback -O3 -xHost -qopt-zmm-usage=high
%DEV_FFLAGS -g -O1 -traceback
%DEBUG_FFLAGS -g -traceback -check bounds
%OMP_FFLAGS -qopenmp -qopenmp-threadprivate=compat
%OMP_FFLAGS -qopenmp
%BASE_LD -i4 -r8 -auto -lmkl_intel_lp64 -lmkl_core -lmkl_sequential -lstdc++
%OMP_LD -qopenmp -qopenmp-threadprivate=compat
%OMP_LD -qopenmp
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