Commit cc58bfa3 authored by Nicolas M. Thiéry's avatar Nicolas M. Thiéry

Restore docker-in-docker-based image build

parent 9dcbfd24
stages: image: docker:git
- build
variables: services:
DEPENDENCIES_IMAGE_NAME: ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/image:latest - docker:dind
STORAGE_DRIVER: vfs # for buildah
REGISTRY_AUTH_FILE: /root/auth.json
build_image: before_script:
stage: build - docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD $CI_REGISTRY
image: tomkukral/buildah
before_script: after_script:
- podman login --username "${CI_REGISTRY_USER}" --password "${CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD}" "${CI_REGISTRY}" - 'docker logout $CI_REGISTRY'
stage: build #and stage
script: script:
- buildah pull jupyter/tensorflow-notebook - docker pull jupyter/tensorflow-notebook
- buildah bud --format docker -t ${DEPENDENCIES_IMAGE_NAME} . - docker build -t .
- buildah push --authfile ${REGISTRY_AUTH_FILE} ${DEPENDENCIES_IMAGE_NAME} - docker push
- podman logout "${CI_REGISTRY}"
- Dockerfile
- binder/*
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