📣 An issue occured with the embedded container registry on October 25 2021, between 10:30 and 12:10 (UTC+2). Any persisting issues should be reported to CC-IN2P3 Support. 🐛

Tentative switch to Python 3.9

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  - nothing provides path.py >=7.1,<8 needed by sage-8.1-py27_1

The command '/bin/bash -o pipefail -c mamba env update -n base -f environment.yml && rm environment.yml && pip3 install --ignore-installed PyYAML && for REPO in https://gitlab.u-psud.fr/MethNum/scripts.git https://gitlab.u-psud.fr/Info111/ComputerLab.git https://gitlab.u-psud.fr/L1Info/IntroScienceDonnees/ComputerLab.git https://gitlab.u-psud.fr/Info122/Info122.git https://gitlab.u-psud.fr/M1-ISD/AlgorithmiqueAvancee/ComputerLab https://gitlab.u-psud.fr/nicolas.thiery/ter-jupyter ; do echo =================================================; echo Installing software stack for: ; echo $REPO ; echo =================================================; git clone $REPO repo && (cd repo; test -d binder && cd binder; mamba env update -n base -f environment.yml) && rm -rf repo || break 0; done && mamba clean --all && pip cache purge' returned a non-zero code: 1
Running after_script
Running after script...
$ docker logout $CI_REGISTRY
Removing login credentials for gitlab-registry.in2p3.fr
Cleaning up file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1