Commit 14aba998 authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update the controller wizards/harvester to fix bugs related to authors.

parent cec9a21b
...@@ -350,13 +350,14 @@ def harvester(): ...@@ -350,13 +350,14 @@ def harvester():
collection.append("cn %s" % collaboration) collection.append("cn %s" % collaboration)
else: else:
collection.append("(a %s)" % " or ".join(rvars.people)) authors = ["a %s" % elt for elt in rvars.people]
collection.append(" or ".join(authors))
if automaton == "articles": if automaton == "articles":
collection.append("tc p and not tc c") collection.append("tc p and not tc c")
elif automaton == "proceedings": elif automaton == "proceedings":
collection.append("tc p and tc c") collection.append("tc c")
values.collections = "find %s" % " and ".join(collection) values.collections = "find %s" % " and ".join(collection)
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