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Commit 1626699b authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update basis/test_11_CheckAndFix_proceeding.

parent 6e0ce639
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
* Test CheckAndFix methods for proceeding.
......@@ -40,9 +39,8 @@ def svc():
return CheckAndFix()
def test_is_conference(svc, reccds, recins):
def test_is_conference_cds_11001(svc, reccds):
assert svc.is_conference(reccds) is None
assert svc.is_conference(recins) is None
# test exception
# the publication cds2242595 is a talk without conference data
......@@ -52,29 +50,39 @@ def test_is_conference(svc, reccds, recins):
def test_country(svc, reccds, recins):
def test_is_conference_ins_11002(svc, recins):
assert svc.is_conference(recins) is None
def test_country_cds_11003(svc, reccds):
assert is None
def test_country_ins_11004(svc, recins):
assert is None
def test_conference_date(svc, reccds, recins):
def test_conference_date_cds_11005(svc, reccds):
assert reccds.conference_dates() == "6 - 11 Dec 2010"
assert reccds.conference_dates() == "6-11 Dec 2010"
def test_conference_date_ins_11006(svc, recins):
assert recins.conference_dates() == "6-11 Dec 2010"
assert recins.conference_dates() == "6-11 Dec 2010"
def test_submitted(svc, reccds, recins):
def test_submitted_cds_11007(svc, reccds):
assert reccds.submitted() == "05 Jan 2012"
assert reccds.submitted() == "2012-01-05"
def test_submitted_ins_11008(svc, recins):
assert recins.submitted() == "2011"
assert recins.submitted() == "2010-12-06"
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