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Start release 0.9.2

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--------------------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------------------
- Fix bug in the list extraction to CSV file.
0.9.1 (Nov 2015)
0.9.2 (Nov 2015)
- Require plugin_dbui 0.7.2 or later release.
- Major review of the user guide.
- Protect the table controllers against duplicate pair (harvester, category)
as well as duplicate usage of the publication category.
- Several bugs fixed.
- Fix bug in the list extraction to CSF file.
- Fix a bug in the graph generation when the database is empty.
0.9.0 (Nov 2015)
- Fix pylint warnings and errors in python modules.
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- Improve the French translation
0.2.0 (Jun 2012)
- First production release.
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- First production release.
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