Commit 23f89b96 authored by MEESSEN Christophe's avatar MEESSEN Christophe
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Fix comment for get_identifiers

parent 12006e61
...@@ -368,10 +368,12 @@ def get_version(): ...@@ -368,10 +368,12 @@ def get_version():
def get_identifiers(branch_type): def get_identifiers(branch_type):
"""Print out the list of identifiers for the branch type. """Return the list of identifiers for the branch of type branch_type.
Args: Args:
branchType (str): one of "feature", "hotfix", "release" or "bugfix" branchType (str): one of "feature", "hotfix", "release" or "bugfix"
Return (str): a list of branch identifiers of type branch_type
""" """
if not os.path.exists(GIT): if not os.path.exists(GIT):
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