Commit 2e0c065c authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update Articles to improve reject message

parent bef21e0a
......@@ -598,6 +598,7 @@
'Reject preprint is a conference': 'Rejeté ce preprint est une conférence',
'Reject preprint is a published paper': 'Rejeté ce preprint est un article publié',
'Reject preprint is a thesis': 'Rejeté ce preprint est une thèse',
'Reject publication is a preprint': 'Rejeté la publication est un preprint',
'Reject publisher is unknown.': "Rejeté l'éditeur est inconnu.",
'Reject publishers is not defined': "Rejeté la revue n'est pas définie",
'Reject submission date is not well formed': "Rejeté la date de soumission n'est pas correcte",
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ from .base import (learn_my_authors,
from plugin_dbui import get_id, UNDEF_ID
from store_tools import CheckException
MSG_IS_PREPRINT = "Reject publication is a preprint"
MSG_NO_EDITOR = "Reject article is not published"
MSG_NOT_ARTICLE = "Reject publication is not and article"
MSG_TRANSFORM_PREPRINT = "Transform the preprint into an article"
......@@ -55,8 +56,10 @@ class Articles(Automaton):
self.logger.debug(f"{T4}check and fix record (article)")
if record.subtype() != "article":
self.logs[-1].reject(MSG_NOT_ARTICLE, record)
stype = record.subtype()
if stype != "article":
msg = (MSG_IS_PREPRINT if stype == "preprint" else MSG_NOT_ARTICLE)
self.logs[-1].reject(msg, record)
return False
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