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Add About and licence stuff.

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""" Main Controller to run the application with the user privileges.
import os
def about():
fn = os.path.join("applications",
return open(fn, 'rb').read()
def index():
session.role = ''
return LOAD('plugin_dbui', 'index', vars=request.vars)
def licence():
fn = os.path.join("applications",
return open(fn, 'rb').read()
def user():
......@@ -27,7 +45,7 @@ def schema():
""" expose http://.../default/schema and display the database schema.
return IMG(_src=URL("static", "database.png"), _width="99%")
return IMG(_src=URL("static", "database.png"), _height="99%")
def versions():
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S': '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S',
"'et al.' in authors": "'et al.' dans les authors",
'Abbreviation': 'Abréviation',
'about': 'à propos',
'ACL': 'ACL',
......@@ -175,6 +176,7 @@
'Level 3': 'Niveau 3',
'Level 4': 'Niveau 4',
'levels': 'niveaux',
'licence': 'license',
'Lignes': 'Lignes',
'List': 'Liste',
'List of authors belonging to CPPM, separated by comma: P.-Y. Doe, J. Smith': 'List of authors belonging to CPPM, separated by comma: P.-Y. Doe, J. Smith',
......@@ -68,30 +68,32 @@ if session.role in ('admin', 'user'):
# help node
schemaNode = dbui.Panel(autoLoad=URL('default', 'schema'))
versionNode = dbui.Panel(autoLoad=URL('default', 'versions'))
aboutLeaf = dbui.Panel(autoLoad=URL('default', 'about'), autoScroll=True)
schemaLeaf = dbui.Panel(autoLoad=URL('default', 'schema'), autoScroll=True)
versionLeaf = dbui.Panel(autoLoad=URL('default', 'versions'))
helpNode = dbui.Node(T('Help'))
helpNode.add_child(T('versions'), versionNode)
helpNode.add_child(T('about'), aboutLeaf)
helpNode.add_child(T('versions'), versionLeaf)
if session.role == 'admin':
helpNode.add_child(T('database schema'), schemaNode)
helpNode.add_child(T('database schema'), schemaLeaf)
# report node
listNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.list_selector,
listLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.list_selector,
baseUrl=URL('lists', 'index'),
metricNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.metric_selector,
metricLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.metric_selector,
baseUrl=URL('metrics', 'index'))
reportNode = dbui.Node(T('Reports'))
reportNode.add_child(T('lists'), listNode)
reportNode.add_child(T('metrics'), metricNode)
reportNode.add_child(T('lists'), listLeaf)
reportNode.add_child(T('metrics'), metricLeaf)
......@@ -99,37 +101,37 @@ reportNode.sort_children()
# wizard node
if session.role in ('admin', 'user'):
authorNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.authors_selector,
authorLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.authors_selector,
baseUrl=URL('wizards', 'extract_authors'))
freeNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.free_harvester_selector,
freeLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.free_harvester_selector,
baseUrl=URL('harvest', 'free_run'),
checkNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.check_selector,
checkLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.check_selector,
baseUrl=URL('wizards', 'check_validate'))
harvesterNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.harvester_selector,
harvesterLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.harvester_selector,
baseUrl=URL('harvest', 'run'),
marc12Node = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.marc12_selector,
marc12Leaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.marc12_selector,
baseUrl=URL('harvest', 'insert_marcxml'))
runAllNode = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.run_all_harvesters_selector,
runAllLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.run_all_harvesters_selector,
baseUrl=URL('harvest', 'run_all'),
wizardNode = dbui.Node(T('Wizards'))
wizardNode.add_child(T('insert MARCXML'), marc12Node)
wizardNode.add_child(T('run a free harvester'), freeNode)
wizardNode.add_child(T('insert MARCXML'), marc12Leaf)
wizardNode.add_child(T('run a free harvester'), freeLeaf)
if session.role == 'admin':
wizardNode.add_child(T('check and validate'), checkNode)
wizardNode.add_child(T('extract authors'), authorNode)
wizardNode.add_child(T('run a harvester'), harvesterNode)
wizardNode.add_child(T('run all harvester'), runAllNode)
wizardNode.add_child(T('check and validate'), checkLeaf)
wizardNode.add_child(T('extract authors'), authorLeaf)
wizardNode.add_child(T('run a harvester'), harvesterLeaf)
wizardNode.add_child(T('run all harvester'), runAllLeaf)
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<style type="text/css">
.my-ul {font-family: Liberation Sherif, Sherif;
font-size: 11px;
list-style-type: none;}
.my-h2 {font-family: Liberation Sans, Sans;
margin-bottom: 2ex;
margin-left: 3%;
margin-top: 3ex;}
.my-h3 {font-family: Liberation Sans, Sans;
margin-left: 3%;
margin-top: 3ex;}
.my-li {margin-left: 9%;
margin-right: 9%;
text-align: justify;}
.my-p {margin-left: 3%;
margin-right: 10%;
text-align: justify;}
.my-small-cap {font-variant: small-caps;}
<h2 class="my-h2 my-small-cap">Base de donnée des publications</h2>
<p class="my-p">Permet de recenser la production scientifique d'une organisation
composée d'équipes et de projets et d'en extraire des listes
ou des métriques. Aucun documents n'est stocké dans la base
de donnée.</p>
<h3 class="my-h3 my-small-cap">Composants logiciel open source</h3>
<p class="my-p">Ce logiciel s'appuit sur les logiciels open source suivant :</p>
<ul class="my-ul">
<li class="my-li"><a href="" target="_blank">Ext JS</a></li>
<li class="my-li"><a href="" target="_blank">MathJax</a></li>
<li class="my-li">plugin dbui</li>
<li class="my-li"><a href="" target="_blank">Python</a></li>
<li class="my-li"><a href="" target="_blank">Web2py</a></li>
<h3 class="my-h3 my-small-cap">Auteur</h3>
<ul class="my-ul">
<li class="my-li">Renaud Le Gac</li>
<h3 class="my-h3 my-small-cap">Contributeurs</h3>
<h3 class="my-h3 my-small-cap">Licence</h3>
<p class="my-p">Ce logiciel est distribué sous la licence opence source CeCILL.</p>
<p class="my-p">&copy; 2010 - 2012 Renaud Le Gac</p>
\ No newline at end of file
--------------------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------------------
- Add About and licence stuff.
0.8.0 (Dec 2012)
- Migrate to plugin_dbui
- New node CAS to manage user and their group.
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