Commit 3dda33aa authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Improve RecordHepPubli._process_publication_info

parent 6bc19341
import logging
import pprint
......@@ -20,6 +21,8 @@ class RecordHep(dict):
self.logger = logging.getLogger("")
# meta data
# the authors of my institutes signing the record
# string containing a list of name separated by a comma
......@@ -8,6 +8,37 @@ from store_tools.pluginauthors import PluginAuthors
from store_tools.pluginpublicationinfo import PluginPublicationInfo
def pages(row):
"""Help function to build the pages argument
row (pandas.Series):
* artid (str)
* page_start (int)
* page_end (int)
* either 23 or 23-45
* empty string when information is missing
artid = row.get("artid", None)
pstart = row.get("page_start", None)
pend = row.get("page_end", None)
if pstart is None and pend is None and artid is None:
return ""
elif pstart is None and pend is None:
return artid
elif pend is None:
return f"{pstart}"
return f"{pstart}-{pend}"
class RecordHepPubli(RecordHep, PluginAuthors, PluginPublicationInfo):
"""Article, preprint and proceeding from version 2.
......@@ -137,18 +168,23 @@ class RecordHepPubli(RecordHep, PluginAuthors, PluginPublicationInfo):
self.df_info = DataFrame([[""] * len(cols)], columns=cols)
# filter data to keep only row with year information
data = [dct for dct in data if "year" in dct]
# convert data to DataFrame with a well know structure
df = (DataFrame(data)
.astype({"year": str})
.rename(columns={"artid": "pagination",
"journal_title": "title",
"journal_volume": "volume"}))
.rename(columns={"journal_title": "title",
"journal_volume": "volume"},
columns = df.columns
# construction pagination columns
df["pagination"] = df.apply(pages, axis="columns")
# erratum -- sort by year and volume
columns = df.columns
if set(["year", "volume"]).issubset(columns):
df = df.sort_values(["year", "volume"])
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