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--------------------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------------------
- Release is non backward compatible. It mainly consolidate the user interface
- Migrate to plugin_dbui 0.7.1
- Rename the database application to preferences
- Change the type of the database field preferences.value to JSON
- Interaction with the preference table is performed via the preferences widget
- Add the node applications containing the leaves preferences.
- Move the CAS leaves to "application" and destroy the CAS node.
- Migrate the action "edit and insert" and "inser MARCXML" from the harvester
to the wizard node
- Update the documentation wigth the new node structure..
0.8.10 (Mai 2015)
- Minor release, mainly bugs fixed.
- List can be extracted as a CSV or BibTex files.
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- Improve the French translation
0.2.0 (Jun 2012)
- First production release.
- First production release.
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