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LIMBRA is a tool to inventory the scientific output of an organisation
structured by teams and projects. It allows to extract bibliometric information
like lists and metrics.
LIMBRA is the acronym for LIsts and Metrics bibliometRic Automatised.
It is in used since 2012 in CNRS/IN2P3.
### Features
* Collect publications signed by members of the organisation.
* Simplify the collect of data as far as possible. Publications
can be entered either by hand or by harvesting the public data stores or
* Lists and metrics can be classified by team, project, category of
publication, scientific domains and by years.
* Lists, can be extracted in several format: bibtex, latex, odt, pdf.
Metrics can be exported in csv, latex and pdf while graphs in png and pdf.
* Only medata data are stored, not documents.
* It is a web-based application running via a web browser, independent of
operating systems and database flavours.
* Can be configured from A to Z by the user.
* Loggin mechansim is provided and several roles defined.
* Written in python and javascript, it relies on the third party softwares:
extjs, jsduck, mathjax, matplotlib, pandas, sphinx, web2py.
### Installation
### Documentation
### Changelog
Consult the Changelog page for fixes and enhancements of each version.
### License
Copyright Renaud Le Gac and others, 2010-2016.
Distributed under the terms of the
[CECIL]( license,
LIMBRA is free and open source software.
### Contact
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