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Commit 66288cd2 authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update invenio_tools to add the factory function build_record.

parent 9b4a0fdb
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ from .exception import (CdsException,
from .factory import build_record
from .inveniostore import InvenioStore
from .iterrecord import IterRecord, REG_INT
from .marc12 import Marc12
......@@ -40,24 +41,23 @@ def load_record(host, record_id):
"""Helper function to load a single record from an invenio store.
host (str): host of the store.
Possible values are ```` or ````.
record_id (int): the record identifier in the store
host (str):
host of the store. Possible values are ````
or ````.
record_id (int):
the record identifier in the store
Record or None: the decoded record when it exist, ``None`` otherwise.
either RecordPubli, RecordInst, RecordConf of RecordThesis.
CdsException: when the server return an HTTP error.
Marc12Exception: when a record is not well formed XML.
* the server return an HTTP error.
* no JSON object could be decoded.
store = InvenioStore(host)
xml = store.get_record(record_id)
svc = Marc12()
records = svc(xml)
if len(records) > 0:
return records[0]
return None
recjson = store.get_record(record_id)
return build_record(recjson)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" invenio_tools.factory
from base import is_conference, is_institute, is_thesis
from recordconf import RecordConf
from recordinst import RecordInst
from recordpubli import RecordPubli
from recordthesis import RecordThesis
def build_record(rec_json):
"""Transform a JSON object into a record
rec_json (dict):
record data in a JSON format.
either RecordConf, RecordInst, RecodPubli or RecordThesis
if is_conference(rec_json):
upcast_record = RecordConf(rec_json)
# self._add_conference_data(upcast_record)
elif is_institute(rec_json):
upcast_record = RecordInst(rec_json)
elif is_thesis(rec_json):
upcast_record = RecordThesis(rec_json)
upcast_record = RecordPubli(rec_json)
return upcast_record
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
* Test functions to introspect the type of record.
* Test functions to upcast the Record from the JSON object.
* Test tools to introspect the type of record.
* Test tools to upcast the Record from the JSON object.
from invenio_tools.base import is_conference, is_institute, is_thesis
......@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@ def test_talk_cds():
record = build_record(recjson)
assert isinstance(record, RecordConf)
def test_thesis_cds():
store = InvenioStore("")
(same as
Precision luminosity measurements at LHCb,
J. Instrum. 9 (2014) P12005
704 authors
No correction are applied to the record.
Allow to test the brut force decoding with its mistakes.
* The first author is not in the author list
* LHCb collaboration
* The publication year is a list (duplicate 773y)
* The submitted date is not formatted: 01 Oct 2014
import pytest
from invenio_tools import load_record, RecordPubli
def record():
return load_record('', 1951625)
def test_affiliations(record):
assert record.is_affiliations() == True
assert record.is_affiliation_for_all() == True
institutes = record.institutes()
assert institutes[0] == "AGH-UST, Cracow"
assert institutes[44] == "MIT"
assert institutes[-1] == "Zurich U."
def test_authors(record):
assert record.is_authors() == True
authors = record.authors_as_list()
assert len(authors) == 704
assert authors[0] == "Aaij, Roel"
assert authors[1] == "Adeva, Bernardo"
assert authors[344] == "Le Gac, Renaud"
assert authors[-1] == "Zvyagin, Alexander"
def test_collaboration(record):
assert record.collaboration() == "LHCb Collaboration"
def test_find_affiliation(record):
affiliation = record.find_affiliation(r"Marseille, CPPM|CPPM, Marseille")
assert affiliation == "Marseille, CPPM"
def test_find_authors(record):
assert record.find_authors("Leo") == "Beaucourt, Leo, Kravchuk, Leonid, Leo, Sabato"
def test_find_authors_by_affiliation(record):
pattern = "CPPM, Marseille|Marseille, CPPM"
authors = record.find_authors_by_affiliation(pattern, sep="|")
assert authors == "Akar, Simon|Aslanides, Elie|Cogan, Julien|" \
"Kanso, Walaa|Le Gac, Renaud|Leroy, Olivier|" \
"Mancinelli, Giampiero|Mordà, Alessandro|" \
"Perrin-Terrin, Mathieu|Serrano, Justine|" \
"Tsaregorodtsev, Andrei"
def test_first_author(record):
assert record.first_author() == "Aaij, Roel"
def test_first_author_institutes(record):
assert record.first_author_institutes() == "NIKHEF, Amsterdam"
def test_host(record):
assert == ""
def test_id(record):
assert == "1951625"
def test_institutes(record):
institutes = record.institutes()
assert len(institutes) == 90
assert institutes[0] == "AGH-UST, Cracow"
assert institutes[-1] == "Zurich U."
def test_is_article(record):
assert isinstance(record, RecordPubli)
assert record.is_published() == True
def test_oai(record):
assert record.oai() == ","
assert record.oai_url() == ","
def test_paper_reference(record):
assert record.paper_editor() == "JINST"
assert record.paper_pages() == "P12005"
assert record.paper_volume() == "9"
assert record.paper_year() == "2014"
def test_paper_url(record):
assert record.paper_url() == ""
def test_preprint_number(record):
assert record.preprint_number() == "arXiv:1410.0149"
def test_submitted(record):
assert record.submitted() == ["01 Oct 2014"]
def test_report_number(record):
assert record.report_number() == "CERN-PH-EP-2014-221, CERN-PH-EP-2014-221, LHCB-PAPER-2014-047, LHCB-PAPER-2014-047"
def test_title(record):
assert record.title() == "Precision luminosity measurements at LHCb"
def test_year(record):
assert record.year() == "2014"
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