Commit 67991f2d authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update test_acl_cds1951625 to be more robust.

parent 15595758
......@@ -62,7 +62,12 @@ def test_find_authors_by_affiliation(recordfix):
svc = CheckAndFix()
rex = svc._get_reg_institute()
assert rex == "^CPPM, Marseille|^Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille (CPPM)|^Marseille, CPPM"
references = set(["^CPPM, Marseille",
"^Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille (CPPM)",
"^Marseille, CPPM"])
values = set(rex.split("|"))
assert values == references
authors = recordfix.find_authors_by_affiliation(rex, family_name_fr)
assert authors.split(', ') == CPPM_AUTHORS
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