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--------------------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------------------
- Move to web2py 2.13.4, matplotlib 1.5.1 and pandas 0.18.0
- Release non backward compatible due to the evolution of web2py
via the introdution of pyDAL.
- The script build_version and the script run can use command jsduck, sencha,
sphinx-build or web2py behind a docker container.
- Name the Application LIMBRA (LIstes et Métriques BibliogRaphiques Automitisées)
- Bugs fixed (RecordConf.conference_dates) (Jun 2016)
- Move to web2py 2.14.6, matplotlib 1.5.1 and pandas 0.18.1.
The last version of web2py 2.14.6 requires plugin_dbui 0.8.3 or higher.
- Name the Application LIMBRA instead of track_publications.
- Bugs fixed in: check_and_validate.html, CheckAndFix._get_reg_institute,
RecordConf.conference_dates, ...
- Tools, jsduck, sencha, sphinx-build can be run behind a docker container. (Feb 2016)
- Move to plugin_dbui 0.8.2.
- Series of modification to run via a docker image.
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