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Add the class Institute and the function is_institute in invenio_tools.

parent adc62693
......@@ -3,14 +3,19 @@
@note: details on the invenio API at U{}
from base import OAI_URL, REG_OAI, REG_YEAR
from base import (is_institute,
from exception import (CdsException,
from checkandfix import CheckAndFix
from institute import Institute
from inveniostore import InvenioStore
from marc12 import Marc12
from record import Record
......@@ -8,3 +8,25 @@ OAI_URL = "http://%s/record/%s"
REG_OAI = re.compile('oai:([a-z\.]+):([\d]+)')
REG_YEAR = re.compile("(\d{4})")
def is_institute(record):
""" True when the record describe an institute.
record (Record):
bool: true when the MARC record describes an institute
# u'980': [{'b': [u'CK90', u'HEP200', u'PDGLIST', u'PPF', u'TOP500', u'WEB']},
# {'a': u'INSTITUTION'},
# {'a': u'CORE'}]}
if u"980" in record:
for di in record[u"980"]:
for k, v in di.iteritems():
if k == "a" and v == u"INSTITUTION":
return True
return False
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ class ExceptionUTF8(Exception):
class CdsException(ExceptionUTF8): pass
class CheckException(ExceptionUTF8): pass
class InstituteException(ExceptionUTF8): pass
class Marc12Exception(ExceptionUTF8): pass
class RecordException(ExceptionUTF8): pass
class XmlException(ExceptionUTF8): pass
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from base import is_institute
from exception import InstituteException
from record import Record
MSG_INVALID_ARG = "Invalid argument record"
MSG_INVALID_HOST = "Invalid record host"
MSG_INVALID_RECORD = "Invalid record, it is not describing an institute"
class Institute(dict):
"""MARC record representing an institute. More information on MARC
standard at U{}).
The relation between methods and MARC field is the following::
institute identifier | 110 u |
future institute id | 110 t |
name | 110 b |
type of record | 980 a |
def __init__(self, record):
"""Constructor from a decoded MARC12 record
record (Record):
if not isinstance(record, Record):
raise InstituteException(MSG_INVALID_ARG)
if not is_institute(record):
raise InstituteException(MSG_INVALID_RECORD)
if != '':
raise InstituteException(MSG_INVALID_INSTITUTE)
dict.__init__(self, record)
def future_id(self):
unicode: the future inspirehep id.
return self[u"110"]["t"]
def id(self):
unicode: the inspirehep id.
return self[u"110"]["u"]
def name(self):
unicode: the name of the institute.
return self[u"110"]["b"]
def rex(self):
unicode: the regular expression to search author by institute
in or store
return r"%s|%s" % (self[u"110"]["u"], self[u"110"]["t"])
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