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Update to display the last log for cronjob updating citations table.

parent f7dab14f
""" Controllers for application
from pathlib import Path
PATH_CITATIONS_LOG = "static/cron/citations"
def cronjobs():
"""Display last logs for cron jobs.
# citations
log = f"{request.application}.log"
plog = Path(request.folder, PATH_CITATIONS_LOG, log)
if plog.exists():
data = plog.read_text()
data = "no log for citation cronjob"
return dict(lines=data.split("\n"))
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -358,6 +358,7 @@
'Key V': 'Clé V',
'Keys already exist!': 'La clé existe!',
'Last name': 'Last name',
'Last update citations table': 'Dernière mise à jour de la table des citations',
'Level': 'Niveau',
'Level 1': 'Niveau 1',
'Level 2': 'Niveau 2',
......@@ -386,6 +387,7 @@
'Load in the database': 'Chargé dans la base de données',
'Loading failed': 'Echec du chargement',
'Loading...': 'Chargement en cours...',
'log cron jobs': 'journaux des taches planifiées',
'Log In': 'Log In',
'Logged in': 'Logged in',
'Logged out': 'Déconnexion',
......@@ -643,7 +645,10 @@
'Scan': 'Scan',
'Scan %s': 'Scan %s',
'Scan between %s and %s': 'Scan between %s and %s',
'Scan duration': 'Durée du balayage',
'Scan end': 'Fin du balayage',
'Scan from %s to %s': 'Scan de %s à %s',
'Scan start': 'Début du balayage',
'schema': 'schema',
'Section': 'Section',
'Sections': 'Sections',
......@@ -111,6 +111,14 @@ class ViewportUi(object):
T("relation user / groups"),
loader = dict(
url=URL("application", "cronjobs"))
cronjob_panel = Panel(loader=loader, autoScroll=True)
add_child(T("log cron jobs"), cronjob_panel)
return node
mytable = "margin-left: 6%;"
mytd = "text-align: right;"
table = []
for line in lines:
idx = line.find(":")
if line.find("Application") == -1 and idx != -1:
item = line[:idx].replace("\t", "").strip()
table.append( [T(item), TD(line[idx+1:], _style=mytd)])
= H2(T("Last update citations table"), _class="my-h2")
= TABLE(*[TR(*row, _class="dbui-tr") for row in table], _style=mytable)
\ No newline at end of file
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