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--------------------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------------------
- Migrate to plugin_dbui
- This version is not backward compatible due to changes in plugin_dbui. (Nov 2016)
- Add the script cold_start_096x.sql.
......@@ -14,20 +16,20 @@ HEAD
- Introduce iterator to scan list of authors and their affiliations.
- Add the script to migrate existing database.
- Update the documentation, add an appendix for HAL Hidden,... (Aug 2016)
- Same as but running with ExtJS 6.0.1
- Require plugin_dbui 0.9.1 and plugin_extjs 6.0.1
- Build via the script build-version6 in w2pext/utilities (Jul 2016)
- Update to harvest true inspirehep collection like HAL Hidden. (Jun 2016)
- Require plugin_dbui 0.9.0 or higher.
- Change the javascript namespaces to Dbui and Limbra.
- Add the author criteria in metrics and graphs selectors. (Jun 2016)
- Move to web2py 2.14.6, matplotlib 1.5.1 and pandas 0.18.1.
The last version of web2py 2.14.6 requires plugin_dbui 0.8.3 or higher.
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