Commit b5d1f658 authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Remove the function mathplotlib_backend_server.

parent 86528d85
......@@ -3,22 +3,18 @@
import matplotlib
from datetime import datetime
from import Storage
from graph_tools import (do_linechart,
from pandas import DataFrame
from plugin_dbui import Selector
from reporting_tools import repr_team_project
def dashboard():
"""Return a pre-configure linechart for public used.
Cumulative distribution for the publications are shown for
......@@ -317,22 +317,6 @@ def do_title(ax, db, selector):
def mathplotlib_backend_server():
"""Setup the backend for mathplotlib when running on a server.
The X11 back end is not needed on the server side. In addition,
Tkinter crashes with the message "out of stack space" when the 2nd plot
is generated.
The documentation recommend to limit the matplotlib back end to *Agg*
which is tuned to render high quality PNG image. But, it is also
design to render PDF and SVG image without the X11 interface.
def savefig(ax, fmt):
"""Save the figure as a string.
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