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Add a draft list of collaborations to be used by

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ANTARES Collaboration,|ANTARES|
ATLAS Collaboration,|ATLAS|
D0 Collaboration,|D0|
"CDF, D0 Collaborations",|CDF and D0 Collaboration|
H1 Collaboration,"|H1 , Zeus| H1 and ZEUS Collaborations|H1|ZEUS|"
LHCb Collaboration,|LHCb|
SDSS Collaboration,|SDSS|
BOSS Collaboration,<NULL>
CTA Consortium Collaboration,|CTA|CTA Collaboration|CTA Consortium|
"H1, ZEUS Collaborations","|H1 and ZEUS Collaboration|ZEUS Collaboration, H1 Collaboration| H1 and ZEUS Collaborations|"
Euclid Collaboration,<NULL>
"ANTARES, TAROT Collaborations","|ANTARES Collaboration and TAROT Collaboration|ANTARES Collaboration, TAROT Collaboration|"
LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration,||
"ALEPH Collaboration, DELPHI Collaboration, L3 Collaboration, OPAL Collaboration, LEP Electroweak Working Group",||
ALEPH Collaboration,|ALEPH|
"ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT Collaborations",||
ATLAS LArg Collaboration,|ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Collaboration|
KM3NeT Collaboration,|KM3NeT|
"ANTARES, LIGO, VIRGO Collaborations",||
NA48/2 Collaboration,||
Heavy Flavor Averaging Group,||
"ATLAS, CMS Collaborations","|CMS Collaboration, ATLAS Collaboration|ATLAS and CMS Collaborations|"
NEMO-3 Collaboration,||
SNLS Collaboration,||
SNFactory Collaboration,||
ATLAS TDAQ Collaboration,||
"CMS, LHCb Collaborations",|CMS Collaboration & LHCb Collaboration|CMS and LHCb Collaboration|
"ANTARES, TANAMI Collaborations",|TANAMI and ANTARES Collaborations|
"ANTARES, IceCube Collaborations","|ANTARES, IceCube|"
"ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT, Swift, Zadko Collaborations","|ZADKO Collaboration, SWIFT Collaboration | ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT, SWIFT, ZADKO| Antares, Rotse, Tarot, Swift, Zadko Collaborations| ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT, Swift, Zadko|"
"ANTARES, IceCube, LIGO, VIRGO Collaborations","|ANTARES Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration, LIGO Scientific Collaboration, VIRGO Collaboration|ANTARES and IceCube and LIGO Scientific and Virgo Collaborations|"
"ANTARES, TAROT, ROTSE, Swift, Zadko Collaborations","|ANTARES, TAROT, ROTSE, Swift, Zadko|"
DESI Collaboration,||
HESS Collaboration,"|HESS|H.E.S.S and LAT Collaborations|H.E.S.S.|H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LAT|MAGIC, HESS|"
"ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT, MASTER, Swift Collaborations","|ZADKO Collaboration, SWIFT Collaboration|ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT, SWIFT, MASTER, ZADKO|Antares, Rotse, Tarot, Swift, Zadko Collaborations|ANTARES, ROTSE, TAROT, Swift, Zadko|"
SVOM Collaboration,|SVOM|
"ANTARES, HESS Collaborations",|HESS and ANTARES Collaborations|
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