Commit f2a34160 authored by MEESSEN Christophe's avatar MEESSEN Christophe
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rename branchName into branch in close_feature

parent 515f936a
......@@ -205,14 +205,14 @@ def close_feature():
if not identifier:
branchName = "feature-%s" % identifier
branch = "feature-%s" % identifier
git("checkout develop")
git("merge --no-ff", branchName)
git("merge --no-ff", branch)
rep = raw_input("Delete the locale branch %s [y/N]" % branchName)
rep = raw_input("Delete the locale branch %s [y/N]" % branch)
if rep == 'y':
git("branch -d", branchName)
git("branch -d", branch)
def close_hotfix():
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