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*Adding oldTMinosPhysics

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......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ add_custom_command(OUTPUT TMinosPhysicsDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/build_dict
add_custom_command(OUTPUT TMinosDataDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/ TMinosData.h TMinosDataDict.cxx TMinosData.rootmap libNPMinos.dylib DEPENDS TMinosData.h)
add_custom_command(OUTPUT oldTMinosDataDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/ oldTMinosData.h oldTMinosDataDict.cxx oldTMinosData.rootmap libNPMinos.dylib DEPENDS oldTMinosData.h)
add_custom_command(OUTPUT oldTMinosPhysicsDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/ oldTMinosPhysics.h oldTMinosPhysicsDict.cxx oldTMinosPhysics.rootmap libNPMinos.dylib DEPENDS oldTMinosPhysics.h)
add_custom_command(OUTPUT TMinosClustDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/ TMinosClust.h TMinosClustDict.cxx TMinosClust.rootmap libNPMinos.dylib DEPENDS TMinosClust.h)
add_custom_command(OUTPUT TMinosResultDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/ TMinosResult.h TMinosResultDict.cxx TMinosResult.rootmap libNPMinos.dylib DEPENDS TMinosResult.h)
......@@ -19,7 +21,7 @@ endif()
## Link to Minuit library
add_library(NPMinos SHARED TMinosClust.cxx TMinosData.cxx TMinosPhysics.cxx TMinosResult oldTMinosDataDict.cxx TMinosDataDict.cxx TMinosPhysicsDict.cxx TMinosClustDict.cxx TMinosResultDict.cxx MinosUtility.cxx)
add_library(NPMinos SHARED TMinosClust.cxx TMinosData.cxx TMinosPhysics.cxx TMinosResult oldTMinosPhysicsDict.cxx oldTMinosDataDict.cxx TMinosDataDict.cxx TMinosPhysicsDict.cxx TMinosClustDict.cxx TMinosResultDict.cxx MinosUtility.cxx)
target_link_libraries(NPMinos ${ROOT_LIBRARIES} Minuit NPCore NPTrackReconstruction )
install(FILES TMinosClust.h TMinosData.h TMinosPhysics.h TMinosResult.h DESTINATION ${CMAKE_INCLUDE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY})
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ class TMinosPhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
static NPL::VDetector* Construct();
ClassDef(TMinosPhysics,1) // MinosPhysics structure
ClassDef(TMinosPhysics,2) // MinosPhysics structure
#ifndef TMinosPHYSICS_H
#define TMinosPHYSICS_H
* Copyright (C) 2009-2018 this file is part of the NPTool Project *
* *
* For the licensing terms see $NPTOOL/Licence/NPTool_Licence *
* For the list of contributors see $NPTOOL/Licence/Contributors *
* Original Author: Cyril Lenain contact address: *
* *
* Creation Date : 2019 *
* Last update : *
* Decription: *
* This class hold Minos Treated data *
* *
* Comment: *
* *
* *
// C++ headers
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
// ROOT headers
#include "TObject.h"
#include "TH1.h"
#include "TVector3.h"
#include "TF1.h"
#include "TH2F.h"
#include "TMinuit.h"
// NPTool headers
#include "TMinosData.h"
#include "NPCalibrationManager.h"
#include "NPVDetector.h"
#include "NPInputParser.h"
#include "Tracking.h"
#include "TMinosResult.h"
#include "TClonesArray.h"
using namespace NPL;
// forward declaration
class TMinosPhysics : public TObject, public NPL::VDetector {
// constructor and destructor
~TMinosPhysics() {};
// Inherited from TObject and overriden to avoid warnings
void Clear();
void Clear(const Option_t*) {};
// data obtained after BuildPhysicalEvent() and stored in
// output ROOT file
vector<double> X_Pad;
vector<double> Y_Pad;
vector<double> Z_Pad;
vector<double> Q_Pad;
vector<double> T_Pad;
/// A usefull method to bundle all operation to add a detector
void AddDetector(TVector3 POS, string shape);
void AddDetector(double R, double Theta,TVector3 POS, double Phi, double TargetLenght);
// methods inherited from the VDetector ABC class
// read stream from ConfigFile to pick-up detector parameters
void ReadConfiguration(NPL::InputParser);
// add parameters to the CalibrationManger
void AddParameterToCalibrationManager();
// method called event by event, aiming at extracting the
// physical information from detector
void BuildPhysicalEvent();
// same as BuildPhysicalEvent() method but with a simpler
// treatment
void BuildSimplePhysicalEvent();
// same as above but for online analysis
void BuildOnlinePhysicalEvent() {BuildPhysicalEvent();};
// activate raw data object and branches from input TChain
// in this method mother branches (Detector) AND daughter leaves
// (fDetector_parameter) have to be activated
void InitializeRootInputRaw();
// activate physics data object and branches from input TChain
// in this method mother branches (Detector) AND daughter leaves
// (fDetector_parameter) have to be activated
void InitializeRootInputPhysics();
// create branches of output ROOT file
void InitializeRootOutput();
// clear the raw and physical data objects event by event
void ClearEventPhysics() {Clear();}
void ClearEventData() {m_EventData->Clear();}
// declare list of histograms
// specific methods to Minos array
NPL::Tracking* Tracking_functions; //!
// fit function for the Q(t) signals at each pad
static double conv_fit(double *x, double *p);
static double distance2(double x,double y,double z, double *p);
static void SumDistance(int &, double *, double & sum, double * par, int);
// remove bad channels, calibrate the data and apply thresholds
void PreTreat();
// clear the pre-treated object
void ClearPreTreatedData() {
// read the user configuration file. If no file is found, load standard one
void ReadAnalysisConfig();
// give and external TMinosData object to TMinosPhysics.
// needed for online analysis for example
void SetRawDataPointer(TMinosData* rawDataPointer) {m_EventData = rawDataPointer;}
// objects are not written in the TTree
TMinosData* m_EventData; //!
TMinosData* m_PreTreatedData; //!
TMinosPhysics* m_EventPhysics; //!
TMinuit* min;//!
TClonesArray data_result;//!
TMinosResult *minosdata_result;//!
TClonesArray fitdata;//!
// getters for raw and pre-treated data object
TMinosData* GetRawData() const {return m_EventData;}
TMinosData* GetPreTreatedData() const {return m_PreTreatedData;}
vector<double> GetPad_X() {return X_Pad;}
vector<double> GetPad_Y() {return Y_Pad;}
vector<double> GetPad_Z() {return Z_Pad;}
vector<double> GetPad_T() {return T_Pad;}
vector<double> GetParFit1() {return parFit1;}
vector<double> GetParFit2() {return parFit2;}
vector<double> GetParFit3() {return parFit3;}
vector<double> GetParFit4() {return parFit4;}
double GetVertexZ() {return Zvertex;}
double GetVertexX() {return Xvertex;}
double GetVertexY() {return Yvertex;}
double GetTheta1() {return Theta_1 ;}
double GetTheta2() {return Theta_2 ;}
double GetPhi1(){return Phi1;}
double GetPhi2(){return Phi2;}
double GetDmin(){return Dmin;}
double GetTheta_12(){return Theta_12;}
int GetNbrOfTracks(){return trackNbr_FINAL;}
TVector3 GetVectorTrack1(){return VectorTrack1;}
TVector3 GetVectorTrack2(){return VectorTrack2;}
// parameters used in the analysis
bool SimulationBool;//!
// thresholds
double m_E_RAW_Threshold; //!
double m_E_Threshold; //!
// used in PreTreatedData()
vector<int> clusterringboolTemp;//!
vector<int> clusterringbool;//!
vector<int> clusternbr;//!
vector<int> clusterpads;//!
vector<double> Xpad;//!
vector<double> Ypad;//!
vector<double> Qpad;//!
vector<double> XpadNew;
vector<double> YpadNew;
vector<double> QpadNew;//!
vector<double> ZpadNew;//!
double MINOSthresh, UperFitLim, VDrift, Z_Shift, DelayTrig[18]={0},VdriftperRing[18]={0}, ZRot_Minos, coef_Vdrift; //!
double x_mm;//!
double y_mm;//!
double z_mm;//!
double q_pad;//!
double t_pad;//!
double Chi2;//!
double maxCharge;//!
double ChargeBin;//!
double hfit_max; //!
double hfit_max_T; //!
double T_min; //!
double T_max; //!
int Iteration;///
int filter_result;//!
int filled;//!
int fit2DStatus;//!
int indexfill;//!
int trackNbr;//!
TF1 *fit_function;//!
/* TH1F *hfit = new TH1F("hfit","hfit",512,0,512);//! */
TH1F *hfit ;//!
int npoint_temp=0;//!
int cluster_temp;//!
int ringsum;//!
int ringtouch[19];//!
TGraph *gryztmp;//!
TGraph* grxztmp;//!
double zmax;//!
vector<double> TOTxoutprime;
vector<double> TOTyoutprime;
vector<double> TOTzoutprime;
vector<double> TOTqout;
double Xvertex;
double Yvertex;
double Zvertex;
double Dmin;
double Theta_12;
double Theta_1;
double Theta_2;
double Phi1;
double Phi2;
TVector3 VectorTrack1, VectorTrack2;
int trackNbr_FINAL;
vector<int> trackclusternbr;//!
vector<int> tracknbr;//!
double Tot_tracks=0; //!
vector<TGraph> gryz;//!
vector<TGraph> grxz;//!
int npoint;//!
int array_final;//!
TVector3 point;//!
// Variables only filled when trackNbr_FINAL>=1
int allevt_2pfiltered;//!
Double_t pStart[4];//!
double parFit_temp[4];//!
double err_temp[4];//!
Double_t chi[2];//!
Int_t fitStatus[2];//!
Double_t arglist[10];//!
Int_t iflag;//!
int nvpar;//!
int nparx;//!
double amin;//!
double edm;//!
double errdef;//!
vector<double> lenght;
vector<double> chargeTot;
vector<double> parFit1;
vector<double> parFit2;
vector<double> parFit3;
vector<double> parFit4;
vector<double> errFit1_local;
vector<double> errFit2_local;
vector<double> errFit3_local;
vector<double> errFit4_local;
// number of detectors
int m_NumberOfDetectors; //!
// Static constructor to be passed to the Detector Factory
static NPL::VDetector* Construct();
ClassDef(TMinosPhysics,1) // MinosPhysics structure
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