Commit 91f1bd28 authored by Cyril Lenain's avatar Cyril Lenain 🏄🏽
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Minuit2 is enought to run the analysis of MINOS

parent fd8853ec
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ add_custom_command(OUTPUT TMinosClustDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/build_dict.s
add_custom_command(OUTPUT TMinosResultDict.cxx COMMAND ../../scripts/ TMinosResult.h TMinosResultDict.cxx TMinosResult.rootmap libNPMinos.dylib DEPENDS TMinosResult.h)
## Check if MINUIT is installed along with ROOT
find_library(libMinuit_FOUND NAMES Minuit HINTS "$ENV{ROOTSYS}/lib")
find_library(libMinuit_FOUND NAMES Minuit2 HINTS "$ENV{ROOTSYS}/lib")
message(STATUS "Minuit support enabled for Minos.")
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