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* Update INSTALL instructions to explain how to retrieve a version through

  its TAG name.
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* Copyright (C) 2009-2010 this file is part of the NPTool Project *
* *
* For the licensing terms see $NPTOOL/Licence/NPTool_Licence *
* For the list of contributors see $NPTOOL/Licence/Contributors *
* Original Author: N. de Sereville contact address: *
* *
* Creation Date : 01/09/09 *
* Last update : *
* Decription: *
* This file describes the installation steps of the NPTool package *
* Comment: *
* *
* *
The NPTool package depends on 4 third-party softwares:
+ Geant4 (
+ ROOT (
+ GSL (
The NPTool package has been mainly tested (and developped) with
the following configurations:
1) Mac OS X (10.5.7) + G4 (4.9.2 and 4.9.3.b1) + CLHEP ( + ROOT (5.22/00 and 5.24/00) + GSL ()
2) Linux Fedora (kernel 2.6.29) + G4 (4.9.1p3) + CLHEP ( + ROOT (5.22/00) + GSL (1.12)
3) Linux Fedora (kernel 2.6.29) + G4 (4.9.2p2) + CLHEP ( + ROOT (5.25/02) + GSL (1.12)
Please, report any working or non-working configuration.
a) The NPTool package is available via monotone (svn-like) at
You can fetch the NPTool package using the following command line:
1) first, create a local monotone database that you can put
wherever you wish:
mtn db init --db=/path/to/
2) then, pull the remote database (on
to your local database:
mtn pull --db=/path/to/
mtn pull --db=/path/to/
3) last, checkout your local database and get the NPTool code
for the developement or production version of NPTool:
mtn checkout --db=/path/to/
mtn checkout --db=/path/to/
4) in case you want to download a specific version of
(NPTool-1.4.0 in the example) do the following:
mtn checkout --db==/path/to/ --revision=t:NPTool-1.4.0
b) First, you need to define some environment variables. You can
source the NPEnvironment.bash or NPEnvironment.tchrc file
depending on your shell or include the relevant lines in your
.bashrc or .tcshrc file. Don't forget to customize these file
with the relevant path to your NPTool installation.
This step is mandatory since the Makefiles used to build the package
depend on some of these environment variables.
c) Then, you need to compile the NPLib.
Go in the NPLib directory and compile doing:
make distclean
Complementary informations can be found in the INSTALL file of the
NPLib directory.
d) Then you need to compile the G4 simulation program itself.
Go in the NPSimulation directory and compile doing:
make clean
e) Last, you can compile the NPAnalysis part of the NPTool
Go to the NPAnalysis directory and compile doing:
cd Template
This step is not mandatory for the G4 simulation to work.
If you want to use the ROOT macros in the $NPAnalysis/macros
directory you should execute in a ROOT terminal the rootlogon.C
file available in NPTool/Misc
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