Commit 210214e2 authored by JOSSOUD Olivier's avatar JOSSOUD Olivier
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Flow Processor. Sort index for ICKBCTRL data

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......@@ -258,6 +258,7 @@ def get_datasets_data(dataset: DatasetReader)\
# Iceblock
iceblock_df = dataset.get_timeseries("ICBKCTRL_instant")
iceblock_df = iceblock.get_melting_timeseries(iceblock_df)
iceblock_df = iceblock_df.sort_index()
iceblock_df["icbk_datetime"] = iceblock_df.index
iceblock_df = iceblock_df.rename(columns={"value_int": "icbk_code",
"value": "icbk_name"})
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