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Transition. Erf fitting. Return fit params in a more convenient way.

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......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ def get_transition_duration_erf(df: pd.DataFrame,
first_datetime: datetime.datetime = None,
last_datetime: datetime.datetime = None,
col_value_name: str = "value",
debug_plot: bool = False) -> float:
debug_plot: bool = False) -> tuple:
df = df.copy()
# Restrict the data to the transition area
......@@ -250,7 +250,10 @@ def get_transition_duration_erf(df: pd.DataFrame,
sigma_0 = 10
params, extras = curve_fit(erfunc, xdata, ydata, p0=[C1_0, C2_0, z0_0, sigma_0])
amplitude = params[0]
baseline = params[1]
center = params[2]
sigma = params[3]
if debug_plot:
plt.title('Erf fit, sigma=' + "{:.2f}".format(params[3]) + "s")
......@@ -258,15 +261,17 @@ def get_transition_duration_erf(df: pd.DataFrame,
plt.plot(xdata, ydata, 'k', label="Raw")
plt.plot(xdata, erfunc(xdata, *params), label="Erf fit")
plt.axhline(y=params[1], color="yellow", linestyle="--", label="Step's plateau")
plt.axhline(y=params[1] + params[0], color="yellow", linestyle="--")
plt.axvline(x=params[2], color="red", linestyle="--", label="Step's 'center'")
plt.axvline(x=params[2]-params[3], color="green", linestyle="--", label="Step's width")
plt.axvline(x=params[2]+params[3], color="green", linestyle="--")
plt.axhline(y=baseline, color="yellow", linestyle="--", label="Step's plateau")
plt.axhline(y=baseline + amplitude, color="yellow", linestyle="--")
plt.axvline(x=center, color="red", linestyle="--", label="Step's 'center'")
plt.axvline(x=center-sigma, color="green", linestyle="--", label="Step's width")
plt.axvline(x=center+sigma, color="green", linestyle="--")
return params
center_timestamp = df.index[0] + pd.Timedelta(center, unit='s')
return baseline, amplitude, center_timestamp, sigma
# def __detect_transition__(df: pd.DataFrame, col_value_name: str = "value") -> pd.DataFrame:
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