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Flow. get_arrival_df(). Allow custom pickle file name.

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......@@ -284,7 +284,8 @@ def get_arrival_df(encoder_df: pd.DataFrame,
with_conduct: bool = True,
parallel: bool = True,
force_update: bool = False,
dataset: DatasetReader = None) -> pd.DataFrame:
dataset: DatasetReader = None,
pkl_name: str = None) -> pd.DataFrame:
"""Get arrival datetime of each encoder measure, at collector's needle and Picarro
......@@ -314,7 +315,9 @@ def get_arrival_df(encoder_df: pd.DataFrame,
Dataframe with arrival datetime at needle and Picarro.
if dataset is not None:
pkl_filename = os.path.join(dataset.binary_base_path, "arrival.pkl")
if pkl_name is None:
pkl_name = "arrival.pkl"
pkl_filename = os.path.join(dataset.binary_base_path, pkl_name)
pkl_filename = "----"
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