Commit 630cf4b4 authored by JOSSOUD Olivier's avatar JOSSOUD Olivier
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Flow. Get melted height by iceblock

parent 6f56c772
......@@ -423,6 +423,12 @@ def add_iceblock_info(arrival_df: pd.DataFrame, encoder_df: pd.DataFrame, iceblo
arrival_df = arrival_df.drop(columns="datetime_start")
arrival_df = arrival_df.rename(columns={'id': 'icbk_code', 'name': 'icbk_name'})
def _get_melted_height_by_iceblock_(df):
df["melted_height_icbk"] = df["melted_height"] - df.iloc[0]["melted_height"]
return df
arrival_df = arrival_df.groupby("icbk_code").apply(_get_melted_height_by_iceblock_)
return arrival_df
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