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Flow. Add position encoder

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......@@ -252,8 +252,8 @@ def get_datasets_data(dataset: DatasetReader)\
encoder_df, iceblock_df, melting_df, conduct_df, pump_df, picarro_df, collector_df
# Encoder
encoder_df = dataset.get_timeseries("ENCODER_periodic", "speed")
encoder_df = encoder_df.rename(columns={"value": "speed"})
encoder_df = dataset.get_timeseries("ENCODER_periodic")
encoder_df = encoder_df.drop(columns="speed_avg")
# Iceblock
iceblock_df = dataset.get_timeseries("ICBKCTRL_instant")
......@@ -316,7 +316,6 @@ def get_arrival_df(encoder_df: pd.DataFrame,
Dataframe with arrival datetime at needle and Picarro.
if dataset is not None:
pkl_filename = os.path.join(dataset.binary_base_path, "arrival.pkl")
# Absolute path of the base directory where the data files produced by the CFA are be stored.
base_data_path = /homel/ojossoud/Data/data_cfa/
base_data_path = /homel/ojossoud/_temp/data_cfa
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