Commit af6dc0eb authored by JOSSOUD Olivier's avatar JOSSOUD Olivier
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Transition. Erf fitting. Return fit timeseries.

parent 24898755
......@@ -271,7 +271,10 @@ def get_transition_duration_erf(df: pd.DataFrame,
center_timestamp = df.index[0] + pd.Timedelta(center, unit='s')
return baseline, amplitude, center_timestamp, sigma
erf_df = pd.DataFrame({"erf": erfunc(xdata, *params)},
index=df.index[0] + pd.to_timedelta(xdata, unit='s'))
return baseline, amplitude, center_timestamp, sigma, erf_df
# def __detect_transition__(df: pd.DataFrame, col_value_name: str = "value") -> pd.DataFrame:
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