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Flow. Use new method to interpolate stacking move-up events: match expected block's height

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......@@ -728,7 +728,7 @@ def get_absolute_melted_height_expected(arrival_df: pd.DataFrame,
if len(arrival_df[arrival_df["melted_height"] == 0].index) > 2:
arrival_df.loc[:arrival_df[arrival_df["melted_height"] == 0].tail(2).index[0], "melted_height"] = np.nan
arrival_df = arrival_df.drop(columns=["time_diff", "ice_speed"])
arrival_df = arrival_df.drop(columns=["time_diff", "position_diff", "ice_speed"])
arrival_df = arrival_df.rename(columns={"melted_height": "melted_height_expected"})
return arrival_df
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