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Utils. Bug correction. Was trying to deleted already-deleted temp file.

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......@@ -36,7 +36,24 @@ def get_config_parser() -> configobj.ConfigObj:
return config_parser
def recompress_file(zip_filepath: str):
def recompress_file(zip_filepath: str) -> str:
"""Recompress archive file in LZMA.
LZMA compression algorithm produces smaller files than usual ZIP, and the decompression is faster.
This function is useful for converting ZIP files from external sources into LZMA file.
zip_filepath: str
Full file path of the source ZIP file.
Full file path of the LZMA-compressed output file. Basically the same as `zip_filepath`, with `.zip` replaced
by `.lzma`.
# Directory where the original ZIP is, where the ZIP content will temporarily be extracted and where the final
# LZMA file will be created.
current_directory = os.path.dirname(zip_filepath)
......@@ -54,12 +71,10 @@ def recompress_file(zip_filepath: str):
zipf.write(filepath, arcname=os.path.basename(filepath))
if os.path.exists(compressed_filepath):
for file in files_in_zip:
return compressed_filepath
return None
if not os.path.exists(compressed_filepath):
raise Exception("Failed to recompress " + zip_filepath)
return compressed_filepath
def extract_compressed_file(compressed_filepath: str, dest_dir: str, delete_compressed: bool = False) -> list:
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