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import shlex
class Directive:
def parse(self, code):
l = shlex.split(code)
it = iter(l)
if != self._name:
raise StopIteration()
for e in it:
if self.__dict__.has_key(e):
setattr(self, e,
except StopIteration:
raise ValueError("The string is not a valid multiplex directive\n"+self._usage)
except AttributeError:
setattr(self, self._args, e)
class Multiplex(Directive):
_name = "#multiplex"
_usage = "#multiplex method where 'condition' group_by 'value'"
_args = "method"
def __init__(self):
self.method = "cross_prod"
self.where = ""
self.group_by = ""
class Depend(Directive):
_name = "#depend"
_usage = "#depend file1 file2 ..."
_args = "deps"
def __init__(self):
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