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restore load_param

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......@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ The segment code is executed in a specific environment that provides:
3. Functionalities to use the automated parameters handling
- =save(lst)=: save the listed parameters of the segment in the meta data.
- =expose(lst)=: expose the listed parameters from the web interface
- =load(seg, globals(), lst)=: retrieve parameters from the meta data.
- =load_param(seg, globals(), lst)=: retrieve parameters from the meta data.
4. Various convenient functionalities
- =save_products(filename, globals(), lst_par)=: use pickle to save a
......@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ class Environment(EnvironmentBase):
return tf
def load(self, seg,glo,param_name='*'):
def load_param(self, seg,glo,param_name='*'):
""" Update the global dictionnary with parameters of a
......@@ -312,11 +312,12 @@ class GitRepository(Repository):
A git repository bla bla bla.
def __init__(self):
def __init__(self, giturl, revision):
##git_revision = subprocess.check_output("git", "rev-parse", "HEAD", cwd=mod_path)
def get_code_file(self, seg):
def get_code_source(self, filename):
def get_hook_file(self, seg):
def get_fns(self):
class CVSRepository(Repository):
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