Commit 120212bc authored by Marc Arene's avatar Marc Arene
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saving chain_metrics with specific formats

parent 8d87165c
......@@ -640,7 +640,7 @@ class GWHMCSampler(object):
np.savetxt(state_dir + "qpos_traj_phase1.dat", qpos_traj_phase1, fmt='%.25e')
np.savetxt(state_dir + "dlogL_traj_phase1.dat", dlogL_traj_phase1, fmt='%.25e')
np.savetxt(state_dir + "samples.dat", np.asarray(self.samples), header=' | '.join(self.search_parameter_keys))
np.savetxt(state_dir + "chain_metrics.dat", np.asarray(self.chain_metrics), header=' | '.join(['mf_snr', 'log_l', 'acc', 'accepted']))
np.savetxt(state_dir + "chain_metrics.dat", np.asarray(self.chain_metrics), fmt=['%.10e', '%.10e', '%.10e', '%.0f'], header=' | '.join(['mf_snr', 'log_l', 'acc', 'accepted']))
if stuck_seq_and_traj_list is None:
stuck_seq_and_traj_list = []
np.savetxt(state_dir + "rejection_sequences.dat", np.asarray(stuck_seq_and_traj_list), fmt='%d', header='traj_nb | rejection_count')
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