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GW190814 input configuration files

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# Interferometers to run the analysis on.
ifos = H1,L1,V1
approximant = IMRPhenomHM
minimum_frequency_ifos = {H1: 20.0, L1: 30.0, V1: 20.0}
maximum_frequency = 1024
reference_frequency = 20
roq = False
roq_b_matrix_directory = /Users/marcarene/roq/ROQ_data/IMRPhenomPv2/
psds_single_file = None
psd_dict={H1:/Users/marcarene/projects/python/gwhmc/__input_data/GW190814/glitch_median_PSD_forLI_H1.dat, L1:/Users/marcarene/projects/python/gwhmc/__input_data/GW190814/glitch_median_PSD_forLI_L1.dat, V1:/Users/marcarene/projects/python/gwhmc/__input_data/GW190814/glitch_median_PSD_forLI_V1.dat}
phase_marginalization = False
# Total number of trajectories of HMC
n_traj_hmc_tot = 1500
# Number of trajectories using numericalgradients in phase 1.
n_traj_fit = 1500
# Number of iterations if phase1 loop to go over for this run. This permits to split phase1 into several chunks. If set to 0, then the value will be set to that of n_traj_fit
n_traj_for_this_run = 1000000
# Number of points used to sub-select points in Ordered Look-Up Tables for local fit bimodal parameters like (cos(inc), psi, logD)
n_fit_1 = 2000
# Number of points sub-selected from the above n1 ones to perform a linera fit
n_fit_2 = 200
# Length of numerical trajectories during phase1
length_num_traj = 200
# Stepsize between steps of trajectories used for phase1.
epsilon0 = 5e-3
# Python file to configure your search parameter space
; config_hmc_parameters_file = ../examples/config_params/config_hmc_parameters.json
config_hmc_parameters_file = ../examples/config_params/IMRPhenomHM.json
; config_hmc_parameters_file = ../examples/config_params/config_hmc_parameters_spins_P.json
# Number of statistically independant samples desired.
n_sis = 5000
"search_parameter_keys": [
"trajectory_functions": {
"theta_jn": "cosine",
"phase": "None",
"psi": "None",
"luminosity_distance": "log",
"chirp_mass": "log",
"reduced_mass": "log",
"dec": "sine",
"ra": "None",
"geocent_time": "log",
"chi_1": "None",
"chi_2": "None"
"search_parameter_keys_local_fit": [
"parameters_offsets": {
"theta_jn": 1e-7,
"phase": 1e-7,
"psi": 1e-7,
"luminosity_distance": 1e-7,
"chirp_mass": 1e-7,
"reduced_mass": 1e-7,
"dec": 1e-7,
"ra": 1e-7,
"geocent_time": 1e-7
# Import such a file using the following lines in a python script
# from configparser import ConfigParser
# config = ConfigParser()
# Values derived from the last samples of the Prod4-IMRPhenomHM run which summary page is here:, corresponding to a mf_snr = 24.8
# Example of priors for GW190814
# See Prod4-IMRPhenomHM run config ini file:
theta_jn = Sine(name='theta_jn', boundary='reflective')
phase = Uniform(name='phase', minimum=0, maximum=2*np.pi, boundary='periodic')
psi = Uniform(name='psi', minimum=0, maximum=np.pi, boundary='periodic')
luminosity_distance = PowerLaw(name='luminosity_distance', alpha=2, minimum=10, maximum=1000, unit='Mpc', boundary=None)
mass_1 = Uniform(name='mass_1', minimum=1, maximum=60, unit='$M_{\odot}$')
mass_2 = Uniform(name='mass_2', minimum=1, maximum=60, unit='$M_{\odot}$')
chirp_mass = Constraint(name='chirp_mass', minimum=5, maximum=8, unit='$M_{\odot}$')
dec = Cosine(name='dec', boundary='reflective')
ra = Uniform(name='ra', minimum=0, maximum=2 * np.pi, boundary='periodic')
geocent_time = Uniform(name='geocent_time', minimum=-np.inf, maximum=np.inf, boundary='reflective', latex_label='$t_c$', unit='$s$')
chi_1 ='chi_1', a_prior=Uniform(minimum=0, maximum=0.99), boundary='reflective')
chi_2 ='chi_2', a_prior=Uniform(minimum=0, maximum=0.99), boundary='reflective')
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