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running on GW190412 with starting point at SNR 20

parent 2cd96f30
......@@ -252,5 +252,5 @@ The `-b` option directly activates that branch. Note that the branch you are on
- The main command must be run from there and in the correct conda env, it goes as
(deephmc) ed.porter in ~/projects/python/gwhmc/Codes on branch_ed [$]
$ python --event=GW190412 --config_file=../examples/config_files/config_GW190412_IMRPhenomHM.ini --trigger_file=../examples/trigger_files/GW190412_IMRPhenomD.ini --fit_method=dnn
$ python --event=GW190412 --config_file=../examples/config_files/config_GW190412_IMRPhenomHM.ini --trigger_file=../examples/trigger_files/GW190412_IMRPhenomHM_mfsnr20.ini --fit_method=dnn
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